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Wrong Turn Cast

edEDis the first character in the WRONG TURN. His wife is Ellen and he has two sons; TJ and Wilbur.
Comics with Ed: IF YOU WANT TO SEE OUR CEO... Is it really so hard...
What's On The Copier "It said drive-thru!" "How'd You Guess?"
Hey, It's Better Car "Parking Spaces" "Hanson" "I Didn't See The... "You're not keeping the..." "Cleaning The Fridge"

ellenEllenis Ed's wife and mother of TJ and Wilbur.
Comics with Ellen:The Toilet's Frozen I Flushed My Wallet... How'd You Guess?
I Thought There'd Be More To This! "Hanson" "Cleaning The Fridge" "You're not keeping the..."

TJTJis Ed and Ellen's son, Wilbur's brother and Skippy's boyfriend.
Comics with TJ: I Flushed My Wallet... The Tiny Print...
It really stuck in a book If I don't know what it is..." I Love It When They... ...I Have Too Much Free Time "New Vocabulary" "Hanson"

WilburWilbur is Ed and Ellen's son and is TJ's brother
Comics with Wilbur:The Toilet's Frozen "Hanson"

skippySkippy(a.k.a the Girlfriend from heck) is Tj's annoying, entergetic girlfriend.
Comics with Skippy:

Mrs. PigsteinMrs. Pigstein is the grouchy, unorganized school bus driver who is more than used to breakdowns.
Comics with Mrs. Pigstein:NOW THEY TELL ME!

Mr. FletcherMr. Fletcher is simply TJ, Skippy, and Milton's teacher.
Comics with Mr. Fletcher:It really stuck in a book The Tiny Print... "New Vocabulary"

Lumpy GrumpyLumpy Grumpy is the grouchy, single-attitude burger shack owner.
Comics with Lumpy Grumpy: It said Drive-Thru!

miltonMilton is your common everyday nerd. Nothing more to be said.
Comics with Milton:It really stuck in a book